Simple Odor Control


Product contains safe, environmentally friendly, natural aerobic bacteria which act as biodigesters to degrade or digest the organic material in the system, without the formation of smelly rotten egg odor (hydrogen sulfide gas) which is produced by anaerobic bacteria. CustomBio has 20 years of experience in Odor Control!   Contact us for your odor control problems.

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Please order the SHOW SPECIAL, and order extra tablet holders!  

Freshwater systems require one tablet holder per bay!

SHOCK TREATMENT:  Open the white tube marked “Shock Treatment” and equally distribute the 20 tablets between the bays in your system.  Put extras in the bays with the worst odors.  The effervescent tablets will completely dissolve, and release billions of safe, natural bacteria into the system and will help develop a working population of organisms.

TABLET HOLDER SET UP:  The PVC tablet holder has a steel cable for support, and the startup kit includes an attachment cord.  Secure one end of the cord to the eye of the steel cable.  Secure the other end of the cord wherever possible that will allow the tablet holder to be suspended in the water about half way between the top and bottom of the water level in the bay.   EACH BAY needs one tablet holder.

MAINTENANCE:  The tablets in freshwater systems do not dissolve as fast as reclaim systems.  Once per 1-4 weeks, open the tablet holder in each bay, and insert 1 Slow Release Tablet.  Do not unwrap Tablet.  Close the lid of the tablet holder and return the tablet holder to the water.  The slow release tablets will continuously release safe, natural bacteria into the system and hlp maintain a working population of organisms.   Check slow release tablets often to determine how long they will last in your system. 

OPTIMIZE:  Each time you add a slow release tablet, open one (1) pouch of BioNutrients and pour the contents into the bay with the tablet.  The BioNutrient pack adds the nutrients that the bacteria need to survive and reproduce.

FOR BEST RESULTS: If the system is out of use, has stopped working, or experiences a chemical spill, SHOCK the system again for faster recovery.  High Volume locations may need more slow release tablets and BioNutrient packs to be effective.

If the slow release tablets dissolve too FAST:

    move the tablet holder away from the water stream into slower flow area.

If the slow release tablets dissolve too SLOW:

    move the tablet holder closer to the incoming water stream into a faster flow area.